The North RIFF secretary on behalf of the North RIFF members, BIM and the DAFM wish to thank former RIFF members for their participation and contribution to the North RIFF and the NIFF over the past number of years. We hope that you will continue to maintain your interest in the RIFF process and bring any issues of concern forward through the RIFF representative in your area.

The members of the North Regional Inshore Fisheries Forum are:

John Menarry – Chair of the North RIFF

Sector: Fisheries 

Representing: Tullaghan to Bruckless

John has been fishing for 25+ years beginning his career fishing for salmon and then moving to offshore trawling. After completing his skippers ticket he started fishing inshore purchasing his own boat in 2007 and by 2009 was fishing full-time. He fishes for lobster, crab and shrimp and nets for pollack, turbot and crayfish. He possesses a good knowledge of legislation on all relevant marine issues both inshore and the wider marine sector through his work with NIFA/NIFO, local marine publications (Skipper and Marine Times) and is on mailing lists for marine spatial planning etc. John feels he is kept well informed of the issues and obstacles facing inshore fishers. 

Gary Kennedy – Vice Chair of North RIFF

Sector: Fisheries 

Representing: Tullaghan to Bruckless

Gary has been fishing for 28 years, fishing for salmon, lobster, herring, sprat and shrimp. As well as fishing he has worked on a mussel farm and was general manager on a fish farm from 1999-2001. He now fishes full time and has built his own boats to suit the fishing methods associated to the inshore conditions in his area. He is a member of the Inver Traditional Inshore Fishermen’s Association and has good knowledge of legislation on all inshore related issues, NW herring etc. He keeps up to date through relevant internet forums and industry papers and know the challenges of fishing first hand.  

Kevin Byrne

Sector: Fisheries

Representing: Kilcar, Glen, Ardara

Kevin has been fishing for 20+ years and is a new comer to the inshore sector. He has a keen interest in all fishing methods and how to improve and sustain any fishery going forward (v-notching for lobster, size management for brown crab and mesh size for whitefish). He keeps up to date with all the new legislation to do with the fishing industry and feels he is a good team player who is open to others views and opinions. 

Ivan McElhinny

Sector: Fisheries 

Representing: Kinclassagh Bunbeg, Falcarragh, Dunfanaghy, Downings, Cresslough, Carrigart, Kerrykeel, Fannad, Rathmullen, Letterkenny and encompasses the islands of Gola, Inishbofin and Tory

Ivan has been fishing for 35+ years and has fished using draft nets and pots. He previously fished for salmon before it was closed and now concentrates on lobster and crab. He has been a supporter of the v-notching scheme and has carried out a considerable amount of “voluntary” v-notching i.e. renewing grown out notches. Fishing is his main business. He has engaged with the local harbour master, Donegal Co. Co. and local councillors regarding matters of safety in and around the harbour. He is aware and supports environmental legislation which protects sustainable fish stocks. He is a member of the Dunfanaghy Community Tidy Towns Committee which as a coastal village is very aware of the impact of pollution and unsustainable practices on the marine environment. 

Michael Boyce

Sector: Fisheries

Representing: Inch, Buncrana, Dunree, Clonmany, Malin, Culdaff, Carndoangh, Greencastle, Moville, Redcastle, St. Johnston, Lifford

Michael has been fishing for 32+ years and has worked on numerous boats fishing for salmon, crabs, lobsters and whelks and has dredged for oysters. He has been involved in both mussel and oyster farming and is aware of the rigours required to gain a license. He has and is a member of numerous organisations e.g. Malin Head Co-op, Greencastle Shellfish Co-op, Foyle Shellfish Co-op, Greencastle Pier Users Committee and Moville Port and Sea Scouts.  As part of Foyle Shellfish Co-op he is involved in the advisory panel liaising with the management of the Foyle in the Aquaculture Development Programme. He is also involved with the lobster v-notching scheme, the inshore sentinel vessel programme and has participated in various surveys with the Marine Institute.

Eddie Kelly

Sector: Fisheries/Fishing Co-operative

Representing: Inch, Buncrana, Dunree, Clonmany, Malin, Culdaff, Carndoangh, Greencastle, Moville, Redcastle, St. Johnston , Lifford

Malin Head Fishermans Co Op

Donal Haughey 

Sector: Fisheries

Representing: Bruckless to Killybegs

Donal is a skipper/owner of an under 10 metre fishing vessel. His fishing activities include trawling and pelagic fishing and he is interested in the sustainable management of inshore areas. Donal also fishes on a large pelagic vessel, as the inshore vessel he fishes from is not feasible as a full-time operation.

Ger Breslin

Sector: Fisheries/Buyer

Representing: Rossbeg, Portnoo, Dungloe, Burtonport and encompasses Arranmore island

Ger has been fishing for many years and has been involved in numerous fisheries. He is a former manager of Burtonport Fishermen’s Co-op. More recently he has been operating his own fish buying company Inish Mil Ltd. Ger has been involved in earlier efforts to introduce fisheries management for the inshore sector by his involvement in the crab species advisory group.

Darren Craig

Sector: Environment

Darren is an Ecologist working on projects throughout Ireland . He has over 12 years experience working in a range of ecological projects including marine, freshwater and terrestrial projects. Darren studied Applied Aquatic Ecology at Atlantic Technological University, Galway and graduated in 2007.

He has spent time partaking in cetacean research in Ireland, primarily undertaking surveys with the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group. For many years, Darren worked as a Marine Mammal Observer and Fisheries Observer on vessels in Irish waters. He has also worked with the Marine Institute on Fisheries Research.

Having spent a lot of time offshore, Darren then moved to freshwater projects with Inland Fisheries Ireland. He worked as a Research Officer on a cross border water quality improvement project, which involved proposing, managing and carrying out river improvement works.

Bridget Wilhare

Sector: Aquaculture

Bridget’s involvement with the aquaculture sector dates back to the mid 1980s when they started to grow mussels in Mulroy Bay. Bridget and her husband Hugh formed Mulloy Bay Mussels Ltd in 1995 and although they are still Directors they have stepped back to a lesser administration role. They are proud to have their son Johnny Wilhare as the main man in Mulroy Bay Mussels Ltd to grow it to the next level.

Over the years Bridget has liaised with organisations such as BIM, SFPA, Marine Institute, and the Local Enterprise Office.

Jerry Early

Sector: Fisheries and Community representative from Comhdháil Oileáin na hÉireann (Irish Islands Federation)

Jerry is from Arranmore Island, Donegal and is married with three grown up kids. He has represented fishermen and fishermen’s groups for almost 15 years. Much of his time has been spent lobbying for the inshore sector to get a fairer slice of the action. He has built up good relationships within the sector and will continue to fight hard for the inshore sector in all the challenges that we face.

Adrian Molloy

Sector: Marine Tourism 

Adrian Molloy is semi-retired with over over 25 years of experience in the inshore commercial sector; fishing for salmon, lobster, crab and gillnetting for demersal species. For many years a drift net representative on the former Northern Regional Fisheries Board.

In recent years Adrian has worked as a charter angling skipper specialising in catch and release fishing for bluefin tuna and other large marine species operating an eleven metre twin hull vessel offering sea angling and marine tourism charters.

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