The members of the North Regional Inshore Fisheries Forum are:

Jerry Gallagher – Chair of North RIFF

Jerry Gallagher - photo

Sector: Producer

Jerry was involved in commercial fishing for 20 years which included potting, trawling, gill netting, drift netting and charter angling. He formed a family company in 1992 called North West Shellfish with the sole aim to produce scallops. He is the chair of the Irish Shellfish Association for the past 4 years and is the chair of the North FLAG.

Jerry Early – Vice Chair of North RIFF

Jerry Early photo

Sector: Fisheries

Tony Boyle

Sector: Fisheries

A fisherman for many years on trawlers, but more recently pot fishes from a small punt. Tony is manager of Burtonport Fishermen’s Co-op . He was involved in earlier efforts to introduce fisheries management for the inshore sector through his involvement in the crab species advisory group.

Ger Breslin

Ger Breslin photo


Ger has been fishing for many years and has been involved in numerous fisheries. He is a former manager of Burtonport Fishermen’s Co-op. More recently he has been operating his own fish buying company Inish Mil Ltd. Ger has been involved in earlier efforts to introduce fisheries management for the inshore sector by his involvement in the crab species advisory group.

Norah Parke

Nora Parke photo

Sector: Producers Organisation

Norah has an MSc in Pathology. She has extensive experience with 2 years bivalve farming with Beirtreach Teo. in Belmullet Co. Mayo; 3 years running her own oyster farm in Sheephaven Bay; 10 years involved in the family shellfish business (live transport, live holding, crab processing, buying and selling);10 years in the role of crab coordinator with Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation and more recently as Network Coordinator ACRUNET Brown Crab project. Norah has been involved in earlier efforts to introduce fisheries management or the inshore sector by her involvement in the crab species advisory group.

Paul Gallagher

Sector: Fisheries

Paul has been involved in fishing from a young age, following in the family tradition. Ten years ago he was working in the construction industry abroad and decided he wanted to return to Ireland. He purchased a boat with polyvalent capacity and has been endeavouring to further his business as an Inshore fisherman since. He is of he opinion that as long as the stocks are looked after and managed well there is a good living to be made within the Industry.

Michael Kearney

Michael Kearney Photo

Sector: Fisheries

Michael is an inshore fisherman based in Leenan, Keel, Clonmany at the mouth of Lough Swilly. Michael is very concerned about the closure of the spur dog fishery which was lucrative in his area following the cessation of salmon fishing. He now actively fishes for lobster, crab, whelk and oysters .

Dermot McLoughlin

Dermott McLoughlin Photo

Sector: Environment

Dermot has a long history in the public and community sectors. He is a retired District Conservation Officer with the National Parks and Wildlife Service. He is chair of Wild Inishowen and a member of other conservation groups. He has many years experience with the fishing community through cetacean and other wildlife surveys.

Adrian Boyle

Adrian Boyle photo

Sector: Fisheries

Adrian is an inshore fishermen for the past 25 years. He primarily fishes or lobster an crab. He gillnets and trawls occasionally and during the winter he fishes for herring in the NW herring fishery from a 38ft steel trawler from Teelin Harbour in SW Donegal. Adrian has been involved in earlier efforts to introduce fisheries management for the inshore sector through his involvement in the lobster species advisory group.

Donal Haughey 


Donal is a skipper/owner of an under 10 metre fishing vessel . His fishing activities include trawling and pelagic fishing and he is interested in the sustainable management of inshore areas. Donal also fishes on a large pelagic vessel, as the inshore vessel he fishes from is not feasible as a full time operation.

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