NIFF Membership

The twelve members of the National Inshore Fisheries Forum are:

 Eamon Dixon – NIFF Chair,  North West RIFF Representative


Sector: Fisheries

Eamon is a native of Belmullet Co. Mayo and is the Owner-Skipper of the MFV Padro Pio, G117 operating from Ballyglass, Co. Mayo. He has been involved in fishing for over 20 years and he fishes for a range of inshore species including brown crab and lobster and line caught mackeral and pollock. Eamon is a founder member and present secretary of Cumann Iascairi Chos Costa Iorrais. He represents the inshore fisheries sector on the SFPA Shellfish Consultative Committee and he is also on the board of Responsible Irish Fish. He has been a long time campaigner on fishing related  issues both nationally and locally.

Bernard Whelan – Vice NIFF Chair, West RIFF Representative 

Bernard Whelan - West RIFF member

Sector: Fisheries

Bernard is a native of Clifden, Co. Galway and is involved in bivalve fishing. He is also involved in the management of various clam fisheries and is keen to see structures set up for the management of bivalve fisheries.

William Walker – North West RIFF Representative

Sector: Fisheries

Representing Erris Fishermen

William owns the fishing vessel “Heather Berry”, SO628. The main fisheries he is involved in are gillnetting for whitefish, tangle netting, line fishing for mackerel/pollock, dredging  for scallop and native oyster. William is from a large fishing family in Erris. He is the head of the Erris Lobster Conservation and Restocking Association and is a seasoned campaigner on all inshore fisheries issues.

Michael O Goill – West RIFF Representative

Michael O'Goill - West RIF member

Sector: Fisheries

Michael is a native of Inis Mór, Aran Islands, Co. Galway and was the nominee of he Galway Island Fishermen onto the West RIFF. Michael is involved in community and island issues and is the chairman of Comharchumann Forbartha Árainn, the community cooperative in Inis Mór.

John Menarry –  North RIFF Representative 

Sector: Fisheries

John has been fishing for 25+ years beginning his career fishing for salmon and then moving to offshore trawling. After completing his skippers ticket he started fishing inshore purchasing his own boat in 2007 and by 2009 was fishing full-time. He fishes for lobster, crab and shrimp and nets for pollack, turbot and crayfish. He possesses a good knowledge of legislation on all relevant marine issues both inshore and the wider marine sector through his work with NIFA/NIFO, local marine publications (Skipper and Marine Times) and is on mailing lists for marine spatial planning etc. John feels he is kept well informed of the issues and obstacles facing inshore fishers.

North RIFF Representative – vacant

Edward  Moore – South West RIFF Representative

Sector: Fisheries

Edward is a native of Dingle, Co. Kerry and Owner Skipper of the MFV Misty Dawn T539.  He has been fishing for the last 35 years having started his career on the family’s fishing vessels MFV Bridget T29 and MFV Purple Harvest before buying his first vessel MFV Noreen Bawn WT105 in 1986.  He fishes a range of inshore species including: potting for brown crab, lobster, and spider crab; dredging for scallop; gillnetting, trammel netting and tangle netting for crayfish.

He has been actively representing the interests of inshore fishermen locally and nationally through his role as a founding member of Comharchumainn Gleamaigh Chorca Dhuibhne when it existed and the Chumainn Gleamaigh Chorca Dhuibhne since 2008.  He was also previously a member of the Crab Species Advisory Group.

He was appointed as a representative of the inshore sector to the Working Group on Safety Training and Employment in the Irish Fishing Industry by Minister Coveney.

Kieran Healy – South West RIFF Representative

Sector: Fisheries

Kieran fishes out of Crosshaven, Co. Cork and is the owner skipper of the MFV Susan Maria C219.

He has been fishing since 1978, apart from a four year period spent fishing out of San Pedro California (trolling for albacore and salmon and drift netting for Swordfish).  He currently fishes pots, lines and nets targeting, lobster, shrimp, brown, crab, spider crab, Pollock, codling/cod, ling, ray and coley seasonally.

He has extensive experience of inshore fisheries and was a founder member of the Irish Lobster Association which was at the forefront of initiatives to introduce management and conservation for lobster and crayfish stocks.

Liz Goff – South East RIFF Representative 

Sector: Fisheries

Liz is originally a native of Co Carlow married and living in Co Wexford for over 25 years. Married to Paul Goff a whelk fisherman who is skipper-owner of MFV Curlew WD 197 and MVF Our Claire WD 236.  She has over 33 years’ business experience in managerial and result driven business roles, 26 years of this working in the financial sector. Working with the general public both in the private sector and more recently in the public sector.  She is a highly qualified professional holding recognised qualifications in the financial and accounting sector. She has managerial experience, the ability to negotiate, has represented and achieved successful outcomes mediating on behalf of local fishers.   Negotiating and advocating on their behalf with a local authority. As a Managing Director of a fishing company and with her husband and other family members directly involved in the industry for over 35 years has first-hand knowledge and experience of seeing the everyday challenges faced by fishers and their families.  This has encouraged and motivated her to endeavour to build a better future for the industry. Give it a voice, advocate, provide a platform to build on, while protecting and growing the industry.    

Cian Daniels – South East RIFF Representative

Sector: Fisheries

 North East RIFF Representative- vacant 

Sector: Fisheries

Richard Guildea  – North East RIFF  Representative 


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