26.11.2015 SW RIFF Meeting Agenda

South West RIFF Inshore Fisheries Forum

26th November 2015


14.00 hrs

1. Welcome & Apologies 5 minutes
2. Meeting notes of the 14th of October 2015 10 minutes
3. Matters arising 30 minutes

Overview from Chair and Vice Chair from NIFF meeting on 14th November 2015. Detailed Update of items below:

Points for action at NIFF
a) Recreational Pot fishing
b) Proposal to NIFF Line caught Pollack plan
c) Seals pan European network to address the impact of the expanding seal population
d) General Networking – Low Impact Fishers of Europe by inviting Jerry Percy LIFE CEO
e) QMC
f) Feedback re protocol for new fisheries and managing access to Bivalve Fisheries.
g) The protocol and indicators for evaluating risk to target species and environment for a new fishery
h) Establish if funding available to assist with the cost of having an area classified?
i) Should access be managed? If so, at a national/fleet level or regionally or locally?
j) NIFF having an enhanced Sentinel Vessel Programme funded under the EMFF
k) Discussion at NIFF with DAFM and SFPA about landing data and future requirements for MSY.
l) Enquire at NIFF when the results of the Roaringwater Bay Study will be available. Roaringwater Bay fishermen should be informed of the results before they are published on-line.
m) NIFF request DAFM to seek clarity from NPWS on the conservation objectives and proper definitions so that it is possible to meet them.

RIFF Related Action points-
I. National Fishery Harbour Centre Charges -Representatives from Dingle and Castletownbere to conduct meetings with fishermen to prepare material for submission to the review when it is announced.
II. Seals Invitation to Michelle Cronin who is leading the LIFE plus application to come and talk to the SW RIFF in January or February.
III. Safety Training & Employment in the Irish Fishing Industry SW RIFF members to review the document “Report of the Working Group on Safety Training & Employment in the Irish Fishing Industry” with a view to selecting recommendations that needed to be implemented and which could be highlighted for support through NIFF. Social protection and Vat Reform

4. Petition received to SW RIFF to address issue of larger vessels fishing in close proximity to the shore.
5. Voluntary closure of Zostera beds (Eelgrass) to fishing in Dingle Harbour and proposal that RIFF seek EU compensation for voluntary closure.

6. AOB