Sustainable Part B scheme now open until 16th June 2023

This scheme will provide support for the on-board capital investment on fishing vessels. The investment must fit under one of the following ‘objectives’ and be deemed eligible under the rules of the Scheme.

  • Improve hygiene, health or working conditions, and/or,
  • Improve the quality of fishery products or adds value to fishery products, and/or,
  • Eliminate discards or deal with unwanted catches, and/or,
  • Improve size or species selectivity, and/or, 
  • Reduce the impact of fishing gear on the ecosystem including the seabed or on non-target species, and/or,
  • Equipment to prevent by-catch of mammals and birds

A list of potentially eligible equipment is contained in the application form.

Please note – Due to the closure of the EMFF Operational Programme any approved projects must be completed and a fully completed claim submitted by September 15th 2023.

 Please find a link to full application details here 

Closing date for receipt of applications is 16th June 2023.