North RIFF Renewal is underway

The renewal for the Inshore Forums is under way. The North RIFF areas for renewal are:

Area 2 – Bruckless to Killybegs;

Area 4 – Rosbeg to Burtonport, encompassing the Island of Arranmore.

Using the Fleet register of 19th  July 2021 all vessel owners in the respective regions have been written to detailing the area in which a replacement is required.  Applications are invited from people who are interested in representing their area and the fishers in it.  Applications must be made on the formal application form and returned to the RIFF secretariat before the date specified on the letter (24th August 2021).

Once the applications are received, the RIFF secretariat will write to all registered vessel owners to inform them of standing for election and how they propose to communicate the work of the North RIFF with fishers.  A voting form will also be provided to allow them to indicate their preferred candidate. In order to be successful a candidate must have 66% or majority of the fleet register vote in their region.

For those who are interested in representing the fishers in their area they will need to demonstrate the following:

  • their ability to represent the views of the inshore sector,
  • their knowledge of inshore fisheries, fish stocks, and fishing methods,
  • their knowledge of relevant environmental legislation and
  • their capacity to engage on fisheries and environmental management issues.

In appointing fisheries RIFF members, each RIFF must strive to make the membership representative of the RIFF’s region’s geographical coverage and the characteristics of the region’s inshore fleet and fisheries.

If you would like to apply for one of the above positions or require more information, please email  or ring Frances O’Dwyer  on 087-9197311