Marine Institute “Skippers as Observers” tender inviting applications now.

The Marine Institute (MI) has recently published a tender inviting applications from skippers in the 8-14m potting sector who may be interested in providing data on fishing activity for their own vessel for a given number of trips per year (Skippers as Observers). This is to complement both the MI Observer at Sea programme and the BIM SVP programme to increase data provision and consistent with what is envisaged in the Inshore Strategy. We are looking for 10 vessels in each of 5 regions for a total of 50 vessels. Successful applicants will be placed on a Framework panel to supply such data for the period 2021-2024 inclusive for a given number of trips per year. Details are in the attached tender and tender response document below.


Tender Response Document

Application has to be made through in the link here:

To make an application you have to first register as a supplier on etenders.

MI can arrange online training, with Bid Services, on how to make an application if there is interest from industry. MI cannot be involved in making applications or in helping to make applications.

Expressions of interest in online training can be sent by e-mail to or by text to 0879093272.