Public Consultation on a Proposal to Increase the MnCRS for North Irish Sea Razor Clam

The MnCRS proposal  was developed by local industry members in response to concerns that numbers of NIS razor clams just above the current MnCRS are being landed and that this could be negatively affecting conservation of the stock. Industry members proposed increasing the MnCRS as a way of protecting these razor clams and giving them more time to spawn and contribute to the stocks’s biomass.

The proposal was brought to the National Inshore Fisheries Forum (NIFF) by the North East Regional Fisheries Forum (NE RIFF). The NE RIFF fully supports the proposal and believes that an increase in the MnCRS may help the fishery to become sustainable in the long term, increase the value of landings and allow higher recruitment and spawning.

The proposal was recommended to the Minister by the NIFF at its meeting in September 2017. Accordingly, the Minister is now considering the introduction of the increase. The information received during the public consultation will inform policy decisions on the proposed measure and will assist in evaluating possible impacts it could have.

The consultation paper on the proposal and information on how to participate in the consultation process can be found in the link here.

The closing date for submissions is Friday 9th February 2018