The members of the North West Regional Inshore Fisheries Forum are:

 Eamon Dixon – Chair of North West RIFF


Sector: Fisheries

Representing   Erris Fishermen

Eamon owns the fishing vessel “Padro Pio”, G117 and his homeport is Ballyglass. Co. Mayo.  Eamon is a founder member and present secretary of Cumann Iacaira Chos Costa Iorrais.  He represents the inshore fisheries sector on the SFPA Shellfish Consultative Committee and is also on the board of Responsible Irish Fish. The main fisheries he is involved in are brown crab, lobster, line caught mackerel and pollock. Eamon has been involved in fishing for 20+ years and is a long time campaigner on fishing issues nationally and locally.

Caden O’Donnell – Vice Chair,  North West RIFF

Caden O'Donnell

Sector: Fisheries

Representing Porturlin/Mullaghmore

Caden  runs (skippers) the fishing vessel “Ocean Quest”, WT355P. Caden fishes from Porturlin and at times from Mullaghmore for lobster and brown crab. Caden also acts as a shellfish buyer and agent for the export of shellfish. He is from a very strong fishing family in Erris, Co. Mayo.

 Ciaran Quinn 

Ciaran Quinn

Sector: Fisheries

Representing Clew Bay Fishermen

Ciaran owns the fishing vessel “Natalie”, WT275 and his homeport is Newport, Co. Mayo. The main fisheries he is involved in are Shrimp, Scallop, Prawn potting, lobster and brown crab. He has been involved in fishing for his whole life and is a seasoned campaigner on all fishing related issues.

 Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly

Sector: Fisheries

Representing Easky/Sligo Fishermen

Michael owns the fishing vessel “Broadhaven”, WT112 and his homeport is Easkey, Co. Sligo. The main fisheries he is involved in are lobster, brown crab, gillnetting for turbot/whitefish and line fishing for mackerel/Pollock.  Michael coordinates a number of vessels in the Sligo area under the National v-notching programme.

 David Downes

David Downes

Sector: Fisheries

Representing Raghly Fishermen, Sligo

David owns the fishing vessel “Suzanne Too”, SO233 and his homeport is Raghly, Co. Sligo. His main fisheries are lobster, brown crab, mackerel and Pollock.  David coordinates v-notching for 9 fishermen in the North Sligo under the National v-notching programme.

William Walker

Willaim Walker

Sector: Fisheries

Representing Erris Fishermen

William owns the fishing vessel “Heather Berry”, SO628. The main fisheries he is involved in are gillnetting for whitefish, tangle netting, line fishing for mackerel/pollock, dredging  for scallop and native oyster. William is from a large fishing family in Erris. He is the head of the Erris Lobster Conservation and Restocking Association and is a seasoned campaigner on all inshore fisheries issues.

 James O’Toole

James O'Toole

Sector: Fisheries

Representing Mayo Island Fishermen

James owns the fishing vessel “An Pota Gliomach, WT19P. His homeport is Clare Island. The main fisheries he is involved in are lobster and brown crab.

Mr David Johnston

Sector: Fisheries

Representing  Achill Fishermen

David owns the fishing Vessel MFV “Aingeal Mo Chroi” WT272 His Homeport is Cloughmore in Achill. He is a professional diver working with the Salmon farming industry. The main fisheries he is involved in are Lobster, Brown Crab, Gillnetting, Trawling and dredging for Scallop.

 Pat Mulloy – Connemara Seafoods

Sector: Processing and Buyers

Representing Buyers/Processors

Pat runs a seafood business that processes, buys and sells all types of shellfish and exports shellfish products to countries all over the world. Pat’s family has over 50+ years’ experience in the seafood industry in particular shellfish. Pat has always been an active campaigner on behalf of Clew Bay Fishermen and fishermen nationally on bivalve related issues.

 Mary Gavin Hughes

Mary Gavin Hughes

Sector: Angling/Marine Toursim

Representing Angling/Marine Toursim

Mary owns and runs her own Angling vessel business. She is known nationally and internationally as one of the world’s top female Anglers. Mary is originally from Clynish Island in Clew Bay where she fished at a very young age with her Father, only to later set up her own angling business. She is a seasoned campaigner on angling and marine tourism issues.

Frank Carter

Sector: Aquaculture

Environment representative: Vacant

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