Inshore Fisheries Forum Meeting schedule

Inshore Fisheries Forum Last Meeting Next Meeting
NIFF 11.02.2021 – Virtual Meeting via Webex TBC
North RIFF 02.02.2021 – Virtual Meeting via Teams TBC
North West RIFF 30.10.2020 – Virtual Meeting  via Teams 26.03.2021 – Virtual Meeting via Teams
North East RIFF 11.09.2020 – City North Hotel- Meath TBC
West RIFF 27.01.2021 – Virtual Meeting via Teams TBC
South West RIFF 31.08.2020 – Virtual Meeting via Teams TBC
South East RIFF 21.01.2021 – Virtual Meeting via Teams TBC
Committee meetings schedule – meetings attended by NIFF representatives
Meeting Last Meeting Next Meeting
Quota Management Advisory Committee (QMAC) 16.03.2021 – via Webex 19.04.2021- via Webex
Celtic Sea Herring Management Advisory Committee (CSHMAC) 01.10.2020 – via Teams TBC
Monitoring Committee for Seafood Development  08.01.2021 –  via Webex TBC
Irish Fisheries Science Research Partnership (IFSRP) 05.10.2020 – Virtual Meeting TBC
MSP Advisory Committee 22.09.2020 – via Webex TBC
Consultative Committee of Shareholders on Brexit  23.02.2021 – via Webex 26.03.2021 – via Webex
Upcoming Events    
Event Date Location
Webinar on the role cultural values play in small scale coastal fisheries  9th September 2020 at 2pm To register for this webinar please click on link under event